Click on the link below to enter The Client Portal for secure exchange of information and documents with your tax professional.


First-Time Users

Before a Client will be able to use the Secure Client Portal, the Tax Professional has to add the Client to the  Secure Portal.

When the Tax Professional attempts to send documents to the Client for the first time, the Client will  receive an e-mail with the Username and a Link to create the Client's  Log In to the Secure Portal. For security reasons the link is valid for 48 hours. 

Clicking on the Link will take the Client to Enter your New Password screen, where the Client will enter last four digits of Social Security Number, create a Password ( following the requirements) and Confirm Password. 

Submit will take the Client to the Sign-In screen.  Sign in with the Username from the e-mail with the link and the created Password. This will take the Client to the Home page of his Secure Portal , where he/she will have access to Download documents sent by the Tax Professional or Upload documents for the Tax Professional. Once finished with the Secure Portal the Client can logout from the Secure Portal page. 

An e-mail will be sent to the client with a link for easy subsequent logins.

If the Client forgets the password to the Secure Client Portal, the Tax Professional can send the Client a Reset Password e-mail, or the Client can use the link from the e-mail he has initially received to go to the Log In screen, login with Username and selecting option Forgot Username or Password at the bottom of the Log In screen.

Guest Exchange

The Secure Client Portal offers also  an easy option for Guest File Transfer. If you click on the Secure Client Portal link above, the Secure Client Portal Sign In form opens. The right part of this form is The Guest File Transfer. If the client wants to UPLOAD or DOWNLOAD documents to/from Tax Professional without signing in the Secure File Portal, then this is the option to use.

If you are not on the The Wealth Wiz Web site to use the link for the Secure Client Portal, you can simply paste the following URL in your web browser:

This opens for you the secure Client Portal Screen and you are ready to exchange information with your tax professional.